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Titan are able to offer environmental surveys that range from marine and terrestrial ecological surveys to river and water quality surveys. See our Capability Statements Page for details on some of the survey types that we offer

Marine Ecological Surveys


Engineering schemes typically require an environmental impact assessment which includes an assessment of the macro benthic community and sediment quality in the study area. Titan Surveys have a wealth of experienced and qualified personnel capable of designing and performing benthic and marine ecological surveys.

We offer:

  • Benthic grab and trawl sampling

  • Multi-variant statistical techniques

  • Underwater video photography

  • Flora and fauna identification

Waste Water, Estuarine and Riverine Surveys 


Titan’s specialist Environmental survey team use state of the art technology to collect accurate data. Due to stringent environmental legislation, collection of good quality data to aid the efficient design, commissioning and operation of water infrastructure and wastewater treatment is paramount. Titan’s team are able to advise clients on the best course of action and by using the best available equipment to obtain the required measurements.


Our in-house software allows rapid calculation and presentation of results. Titan are able to collect flow, water quality and ecological data for a variety of environments, including providing data for numerical modelling.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Wastewater treatment works flow and load surveys

  • Flow monitoring

  • Stage discharge relationship production

  • Influent loading assessment

  • Design of new or improved treatment  facilities

  • Impact assessment of discharges

  • Bathing water compliance

  • Tracer surveys

  • Discharge consent monitoring

  • Urban waste water treatment consent monitoring

  • Self-monitoring schemes

  • Ecological studies

  • Aesthetic assessments

  • Drainage area studies

  • Water resources evaluation

  • Soil sampling

  • Full Tidal Cycle Water Quality Surveys

  • Distribution system condition assessment

Telemetered Data Systems


Titan are highly experienced in providing telemetered data systems as a solution for almost any environmental monitoring requirement. With in-house design capability, data from monitoring outstations can be displayed to any required level of detail on the web.

  • Event triggered sampling

  • Temperature monitoring networks

  • Pumping station operation monitoring

  • Rainfall monitoring

  • Flow monitoring

  • Tide gauge and surge monitoring

Equipment Lists

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