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Titan Endeavour Coastal Nearshore Environmental Survey Specialist Vessel

MV Titan Explorer

MV Titan Explorer was one of the first vessels incorporated into the Titan fleet. Launched in June 1999 (Originally as Hyder Explorer), both vessel and crew have a wide range of experience and expertise within hydrographic, oceanographic and environmental industry. Since being launched, the vessel has worked on numerous projects throughout Northern Europe.


Fitted with a moonpool, davit arms and over the side mounts, MV Titan Explorer has the ability to survey with a wide range of equipment. The vessel’s shallow draft and adjustable outboard engines it can work in the shallowest of areas.

Key features:

  • Multi-discipline

  • Multiple equipment mounting options

  • Shallow draft

  • Small and manoeuvrable

Click to download specification sheet


MCA Coding



Transit Speed 
Fuel Capacity 


Survey Equipment


  • Trimble HYDROpro navigation software


  • Odom Hydrotrac single frequency (210 kHz) echosounder (hull mounted)


  • GeoSwath 4 (250 kHz) swathe bathymetry system (deployed through central moonpool)


  • Trimble SPS751 dual frequency RTK system & hemisphere VS110 DGPS receiver utilising VRS Nowr


  • Fixed A-frame with extendable davits for towed sensors (SSS, magnetometer, surface tow boomer) and over the side port and starboard mounts for ADCP, pinger and horizontal CTD

  • 12v electric winch

Cheetah Marine Catamaran
Category 2: 60 Miles from Safe Haven

9.7 m
2.9 m
0.8 m
Twin 150 hp Honda V-Tech Outboard Engines Diesel 6 kW Lombardini Generator
Up to 23 knots 
300 litres


Safety Equipment

  • 6 man Solas B Pack life raft with hydrostatic release

  • 2 MCA approved life rings (one with line, one with light)

  • 8 lifejackets (4 with lights, 4 with lights and AIS PLB’s)

  • 4 x parachute flares, 6 x red hand flares, 2 x smoke signals

  • 2 x fixed VHF GMDSS radios, 1 x portable handheld VHF & 406 MHz EPIRB

  • Hand operated searchlight and signal light

  • Integrated chart plotter and AIS class B receiver

  • 2 x fire buckets and lanyards, 1 x fire blanket &
    portable fire extinguishers


  • Catergory C First Aid Kit

  • Nautical publications (local charts/pilotage & tide tables or equivalent)

Survey Experience


  • Wind Farm Surveys


  • Cable Route Surveys


  • Pipeline Inspection Surveys


  • Marine Construction Surveys


  • Aggregate Dredging Surveys


  • Oceanographic Surveys


  • Drogue Tracking


  • Habitat Mapping


  • Equipment Deployment


  • UXO Surveys


  • Crew Transfer

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