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08 June 2018

In honour of World Oceans Day, the Titan staff took part in a post work beach clean, BBQ and surf at Southerndown beach in Bridgend. By nature, we as a company have an intimate relationship with the sea through our work and recreation and we believe in minimising our environmental impact wherever possible.


Southerndown Beach is located only 6 miles from Titans head office in Bridgend. Due to this close proximity, and the multitude of jobs we have conducted nearby in the Bristol Channel, this beach is of particular significance to us.

We discovered a variety of litter washed up on the beach, from plastics, bottles and cans, to electrical cables and even one car tyre!

Through the efforts of all those involved, we managed to clean up 3 large refuse sacks of rubbish from the beach in a little over an hour. This was then taken away to be disposed of responsibly. 

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