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Topography and Photogrammetry Surveys

Titan surveys have many years experience undertaking land survey operations in the coastal environment to support our nearshore operations on cable routes, pipelines and coastal monitoring projects. Titan have capability using standard topographic equipment and have more recently purchased a UAV to collect photogrammetry data. 

The UAV's primary application is to be utilised on the beach and intertidal areas where vessel survey effort increases significantly as the water depth decreases. Replacing traditional vessel based intertidal data acquisition with a UAV, can bring substantial time and cost reductions to our clients. Significant benefits in health and safety can also be achieved with the UAV mitigating the risks of a vessel operating in very shallow water, often over rocky foreshores and minimising exposure of personnel.


Our equipment for undertaking onshore surveys include:

  • Sensfly eBee Plus UAV (with S.O.D.A camera and RTK/PPK positioning)

  • GPS - Trimble R8, 4400, AGR800 SPS750, SPS751, SPS852

  • Base station repeaters and radio transmitters

  • Topcon automatic levelling, total station, and optical levelling

  • Wide selection of battery and generator power sources

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