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23 July 2018

Introducing new Geospatial solutions and delivering significant benefits in nearshore surveying.


Titan’s newly introduced Topography and Photogrammetry Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for geospatial mapping reduces client cost, complexity and risk, whilst preserving sensitive environments.  

Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd, a Gardline company, is helping firms across the offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Marine Civil Engineering sectors, remove the burden of cost, complexity and risk when acquiring beach and intertidal data as part of their energy generation, coastal engineering and monitoring projects.


Having recently achieved Civil Aviation Authority Permission, for Commercial Operation of its newly acquired fixed wing UAV, Titan is simplifying the data acquisition process for its clients. By replacing traditional topographic and vessel based intertidal data acquisition by utilising new autonomous technology, Titan’s capability to lower a client’s project cost, mitigate risk to vessels, equipment and personnel whilst preserving sensitive environments is vast.

Mark O’Donovan, Director, Titan Environmental Surveys:

“By using Titan’s new UAV technology for beach and intertidal surveying, clients are gaining in efficiency when compared to traditional coastal data acquisition methods. By gathering data in this way, the process is less labour intensive, equipment intensive, and cost intensive for our clients. It removes complexity and risk to high value projects, plus given the survey’s themselves can be conducted without the need to disturb potentially sensitive habitats, the new technology offers considerable advantages. The overall benefits for our clients are impactful considering also the data we collect is of the highest quality.”


The UAV is fitted with an ultra-high resolution camera that is specifically designed for photogrammetry applications and incorporates integrated RTK/PPK capability.  Horizontal and vertical positioning accuracies of 3cms are possible and can provide extremely detailed topography and photogrammetry data with 1120 XYZ data points per m2.


Titan’s primary applications for the system are topographic/photogrammetry surveys of beach and intertidal areas, where survey effort increases significantly as the water depth decreases further inshore. This includes supporting vessel based mapping for cable routes, pipeline routes, coastal engineering and coastal monitoring projects.

Find out more about our UAV capability on our Topography and Photogrammetry Page

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